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class Path;
class Field;
class FinderAlg;
class WavyPicture;
class Controls;
class KeyStroke;
class MouseStroke;
class Unit;
class ResSoundPack;
class PhaseLocker;
class Planner;
class View;
class Decor;
class InputProvider;

#include "Drawable.h"
#include "Cube.h"
#include "StepCounter.h"

#include <string>

 * Room with level.
00028 class Room : public StepCounter, public Drawable {
        WavyPicture *m_bg;
        Field *m_field;
        FinderAlg *m_finder;
        ResSoundPack *m_soundPack;
        Controls *m_controls;
        PhaseLocker *m_locker;
        Planner *m_levelScript;
        View *m_view;
        Cube::t_models m_models;
        Cube::eAction m_lastAction;
        int m_startTime;
        bool m_fastFalling;
        void prepareRound();
        bool fallout(bool interactive=true);
        bool falldown(bool interactive=true);
        void playImpact(Cube::eWeight impact);
        void playDead(Cube *model);
        bool isFresh() const { return m_lastAction == Cube::ACTION_NO; }
        Room(int w, int h, const Path &picture,
                PhaseLocker *locker, Planner *levelScript);
        void setWaves(float amplitude, float periode, float speed);
        void addDecor(Decor *new_decor);
        void setFastFalling(bool value) { m_fastFalling = value; }

        int addModel(Cube *new_model, Unit *new_unit);
        Cube *getModel(int model_index);
        Cube *askField(const V2 &loc);

        bool beginFall(bool interactive=true);
        void nextRound(const InputProvider *input);
        void finishRound(bool interactive=true);

        void switchFish();
        void controlEvent(const KeyStroke &stroke);
        void controlMouse(const MouseStroke &button);

        void loadMove(char move);
        bool makeMove(char move);
        bool cannotMove() const;
        bool isSolvable() const;
        bool isSolved() const;
        int getStepCount() const;
        std::string getMoves() const;
        void checkActive();
        void unBusyUnits();

        int getW() const;
        int getH() const;
        int getCycles() const;
        void addSound(const std::string &name, const Path &file);
        void playSound(const std::string &name, int volume=100);

        void setScreenShift(const V2 &shift);
        void changeBg(const Path &picture);
        virtual void drawOn(SDL_Surface *screen);


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