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Cube Class Reference

#include <Cube.h>

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Detailed Description

A object in game.

Definition at line 19 of file Cube.h.

Public Types

enum  eWeight { NONE, LIGHT, HEAVY, FIXED }
typedef std::vector< Cube * > t_models

Public Member Functions

Animanim ()
void change_die ()
void change_goOut ()
void change_remove ()
void change_setLocation (V2 loc)
void change_turnSide ()
const Animconst_anim () const
const Rulesconst_rules () const
 Cube (const V2 &location, eWeight weight, eWeight power, bool alive, Shape *shape)
void decOutCapacity ()
int getIndex () const
Dir::eDir getLastMoveDir () const
V2 getLocation () const
eWeight getPower () const
eWeight getWeight () const
bool isAlive () const
bool isBusy () const
bool isDisintegrated ()
bool isInvisible ()
bool isLeft () const
bool isLost () const
bool isOut () const
bool isOutDir (Dir::eDir dir) const
bool isSatisfy () const
bool isTalking () const
bool isWall () const
bool isWrong () const
Rulesrules ()
void setBusy (bool busy)
void setGoal (const Goal &goal)
void setIndex (int model_index)
void setOutDir (Dir::eDir outDir)
const Shapeshape () const
bool shouldGoOut () const
void takeDialogs (const DialogStack *dialogs)
virtual std::string toString () const
 ~Cube ()

Private Attributes

bool m_alive
bool m_busy
const DialogStackm_dialogs
Goal m_goal
int m_index
V2 m_loc
bool m_lookLeft
bool m_lost
bool m_out
int m_outCapacity
Dir::eDir m_outDir
eWeight m_power
eWeight m_weight

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