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DialogStack Class Reference

#include <DialogStack.h>

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Detailed Description

Stack of running dialogs.

Definition at line 17 of file DialogStack.h.

Public Member Functions

void actorTalk (int actor, const std::string &name, int volume, int loops=0, bool dialogFlag=false)
void addDialog (const std::string &name, Dialog *dialog)
bool areRunning () const
bool isDialog () const
bool isTalking (int actor) const
void killSound (int actor)
void killTalks ()
void removeAll ()
void updateStack ()
virtual ~DialogStack ()

Private Types

typedef std::list
< PlannedDialog * > 

Private Member Functions

bool isTalkingIn (int actor, const t_running &fifo) const
void killSoundIn (int actor, t_running &fifo)
void killTalksIn (t_running &fifo)
void releaseDialog (PlannedDialog *dialog)
void removeFirstNotTalking ()

Private Attributes

t_running m_cycling
t_running m_running

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