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GameState Class Reference

#include <GameState.h>

Inheritance diagram for GameState:

BaseListener NoCopy INamed DemoMode KeyConsole Level MenuHelp MenuOptions Pedometer PosterState WorldMap

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Detailed Description

Game state. GameState installs own InputHandler in init phase.

To change state, use m_manager->pushState(topState) or m_manager->changeState(newState)

Definition at line 21 of file GameState.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool allowBg () const
void cleanState ()
virtual const char * getName () const =0
void initState (StateManager *manager)
void installHandlers ()
bool isOnBg () const
bool isRunning () const
void noteBg ()
void noteFg ()
void pauseState ()
void pushState (GameState *new_state)
void quitState ()
virtual void receiveInt (const IntMsg *msg)
void receiveSimple (const SimpleMsg *msg)
virtual void receiveString (const StringMsg *msg)
void registerDrawable (Drawable *drawable)
void resumeState ()
void setNextState (GameState *nextState)
void unHandlers ()
void updateState ()

Protected Member Functions

void changeState (GameState *new_state)
const InputProvidergetInput ()
virtual void own_cleanState ()=0
virtual void own_initState ()=0
virtual void own_noteBg ()
virtual void own_noteFg ()
virtual void own_pauseState ()=0
virtual void own_resumeState ()=0
virtual void own_updateState ()=0
void registerWatcher (const std::string &param)
void takeHandler (InputHandler *new_handler)

Private Attributes

bool m_active
bool m_onBg

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