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LevelStatus Class Reference

#include <LevelStatus.h>

Inheritance diagram for LevelStatus:

Scripter NoCopy

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Detailed Description

Status of level after a game.

Definition at line 11 of file LevelStatus.h.

Public Member Functions

GameStatecreatePoster () const
std::string getBestAuthor () const
int getBestMoves () const
bool isBetter ()
bool isComplete () const
void prepareRun (const std::string &codename, const std::string &poster, int bestMoves, const std::string &bestAuthor)
void readMoves (const std::string &moves)
std::string readSolvedMoves ()
void scriptDo (const std::string &input)
void scriptInclude (const Path &filename)
void setComplete ()
void setRunning (bool value)
bool wasRunning () const
void writeSolvedMoves (const std::string &moves)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string getSolutionFilename (const std::string &codename)

Protected Attributes


Private Member Functions

std::string getSolutionFilename ()

Private Attributes

std::string m_bestAuthor
int m_bestMoves
std::string m_codename
bool m_complete
std::string m_poster
std::string m_savedMoves
bool m_wasRunning

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