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MenuOptions Class Reference

#include <MenuOptions.h>

Inheritance diagram for MenuOptions:

GameState Drawable BaseListener NoCopy NoCopy INamed

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Detailed Description

Options menu which allow to set lang and tune volume.

Definition at line 16 of file MenuOptions.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool allowBg () const
void cleanState ()
virtual void drawOn (SDL_Surface *screen)
virtual const char * getName () const
void initState (StateManager *manager)
void installHandlers ()
bool isOnBg () const
bool isRunning () const
void mouseButton (const MouseStroke &stroke)
void noteBg ()
void noteFg ()
void pauseState ()
void pushState (GameState *new_state)
void quitState ()
virtual void receiveInt (const IntMsg *msg)
void receiveSimple (const SimpleMsg *msg)
virtual void receiveString (const StringMsg *msg)
void registerDrawable (Drawable *drawable)
void resumeState ()
void setNextState (GameState *nextState)
void unHandlers ()
void updateState ()

Protected Member Functions

void changeState (GameState *new_state)
const InputProvidergetInput ()
virtual void own_cleanState ()
virtual void own_initState ()
virtual void own_noteBg ()
virtual void own_noteFg ()
virtual void own_pauseState ()
virtual void own_resumeState ()
virtual void own_updateState ()
void registerWatcher (const std::string &param)
void takeHandler (InputHandler *new_handler)

Private Member Functions

IWidgetcreateBackButton (const Labels &labels)
IWidgetcreateLangPanel (const Labels &labels)
IWidgetcreateMusicPanel (const Labels &labels)
IWidgetcreateSoundPanel (const Labels &labels)
WiStatusBarcreateStatusBar (int width)
IWidgetcreateSubtitlesPanel (const Labels &labels)

Private Attributes


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