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Rules Class Reference

#include <Rules.h>

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Detailed Description

Game rules.

Definition at line 16 of file Rules.h.

Public Member Functions

void actionActivate ()
void actionFall ()
bool actionMoveDir (Dir::eDir dir)
int actionOut ()
void actionTurnSide ()
void changeState ()
bool checkDead (Cube::eAction lastAction)
bool clearLastFall ()
void finishRound ()
std::string getAction () const
Dir::eDir getDir () const
const Cube::t_models getResist (Dir::eDir dir) const
std::string getState () const
Dir::eDir getTouchDir () const
bool isAtBorder () const
bool isFreePlace (const V2 &loc) const
bool isOnStrongPad (Cube::eWeight weight)
void occupyNewPos ()
 Rules (Cube *model)
void takeField (Field *field)
 ~Rules ()

Private Member Functions

bool canDir (Dir::eDir dir, Cube::eWeight power)
bool canMoveOthers (Dir::eDir dir, Cube::eWeight weight)
bool checkDeadFall ()
bool checkDeadMove ()
bool checkDeadStress ()
void freeOldPos ()
bool isFalling () const
bool isHeavier (Cube::eWeight power) const
bool isOnCond (const OnCondition &cond)
bool isOnStack ()
bool isOnWall ()
void moveDirBrute (Dir::eDir dir)
void setTouched (Dir::eDir dir)
bool touchSpec (Dir::eDir dir)
Cube::t_models whoIsFalling ()
Cube::t_models whoIsHeavier (Cube::eWeight power)

Private Attributes

Dir::eDir m_dir
bool m_lastFall
int m_outDepth
bool m_pushing
bool m_readyToActive
bool m_readyToDie
bool m_readyToTurn
Dir::eDir m_touchDir

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