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bool Rules::isOnCond ( const OnCondition cond  )  [private]

Whether object is direct or undirect on something specific.

cond condition which will be satify when object is on.

Definition at line 310 of file Rules.cpp.

References MarkMask::getResist(), OnCondition::isSatisfy(), OnCondition::isWrong(), MarkMask::mask(), and MarkMask::unmask().

Referenced by isOnStack(), isOnStrongPad(), and isOnWall().

    bool result = false;
    if (cond.isSatisfy(m_model)) {
        result = true;
    else if (cond.isWrong(m_model)) {
        result = false;
    else {

        result = false;
        Cube::t_models resist = m_mask->getResist(Dir::DIR_DOWN);
        Cube::t_models::iterator end = resist.end();
        for (Cube::t_models::iterator i = resist.begin(); i != end; ++i) {
            if ((*i)->rules()->isOnCond(cond)) {
                //NOTE: don't forget to mask()
                result = true;


    return result;

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