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WorldInput Class Reference

#include <WorldInput.h>

Inheritance diagram for WorldInput:

GameInput StateInput InputHandler InputProvider NoCopy

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Detailed Description

Handle input for worldmap.

Definition at line 12 of file WorldInput.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual V2 getMouseLoc () const
virtual bool isLeftPressed () const
virtual bool isMiddlePressed () const
virtual bool isPressed (SDLKey key) const
virtual bool isRightPressed () const
virtual void keyEvent (const KeyStroke &stroke)
virtual void mouseEvent (const MouseStroke &buttons)
void mouseState (const V2 &loc, Uint8 buttons)
void takePressed (Uint8 *pressed)
virtual std::string toString () const
 WorldInput (WorldMap *world)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void enableConsole ()
virtual void enableHelp ()
virtual void enableMenu ()
virtual void enableSubtitles ()
virtual void quitState ()
virtual void specKey (int keyIndex)
virtual void specStroke (const KeyStroke &)
void toggleParam (const std::string &param)

Protected Attributes


Static Protected Attributes

static const int KEY_CONSOLE = 2
static const int KEY_HELP = 3
static const int KEY_MENU = 4
static const int KEY_QUIT = 1
static const int KEY_SUBTITLES = 5

Private Member Functions

WorldMapgetWorld ()

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